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Are your Domain Contact Details up-to-date for ICANN’s Policy Update on the 1st December?

Posted by James O'Connell on

On December 1st 2016, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is set to roll out a new transfer policy that will modify the process of changing domain ownership from one Registrar to another. The implementation of the policy will be imposed on all Registrars and this means that as from December 1st it will be a bit more difficult to update your domain contact details.

In this article we will discuss the current process for changing your domain contact details in contrast to the upcoming changes, highlighting where the new policy will have the biggest impact.

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Safe harbour and data protection

Posted by Mike Lloyd on

In the '20s and '30s it was the role of government. '50s and '60s it was civil rights. The next two decades are going to be privacy. I'm talking about the Internet. I'm talking about cell phones” says Sam Seaborn in the 1990s series The West Wing; and rarely has a TV show so accurately predicted the future.

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