HLB International

A new custom membership website for worldwide accounting network HLB International.

HLB International is a leading global network comprising locally well-established member firms. HLB International operates in over 110 countries with more than 250 member firms and 500 offices.

The Task

HLB's issue was that their previous web developer was no longer supporting their website. In addition to this issue, their website consisted of a lot of custom code, which made it difficult to maintain.

Impressed with our track record in the Joomla CMS market, HLB approached us for a complete custom membership website.

The Approach

Artonezero was briefed to completely redesign and rebuild the HLB website and Intranet in Joomla 2.5 using standard Joomla extensions. In practice we built one custom component for the Member Directory (for performance reasons), all other functions being created with third party plugins.

The public is only able to view a relatively small part of the website. Behind the scenes is an extensive online member network, built using JomSocial, a leading private social networking software component.

The Result

The website was launched in the summer of 2014 and is maintained by its in house marketing and IT staff thanks to the use of Joomla software.

Moving Forward

We continue to work with HLB International, hosting their website with our web hosting services.

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