Polished Prices

Completely custom diamond price index for Polished Prices.

Polished Prices provide wholesale transaction-based polished diamond prices, indices and independent market reporting. The company maintain a huge database of diamond price transactions dating back to 2002, which is updated daily.

The Task

The first Polished Prices website was built over 10 years ago, and needed a modern redesign. In addition, the original web development company who had developed the site had moved to a new business model and wanted to hand on the responsibility.

The Approach

Artonezero had previously built an auction site for the owners of Polished Prices, and were approached about the rebuild of the website, due to the technical complexity of the work.

We built a completely bespoke solution around our Cadenza CMS, recreating all the key algorithms for the price index from scratch, including extensive graphing and drill down options. The site is updated daily by Polished Prices statisticians using a custom admin interface.

We also created a new contemporary design for the site, incorporating a modern take on the Polished Prices "penguin" logo.

The Result

The site has gone live and has been well received both by the company's directors and clients.


Moving Forward

We continue working with Polished Prices, providing them with ongoing website support and hosting their website.

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