Venus Business Communications

A modern responsive website for London’s fastest growing fibre network for media and business customers.

Based in London's West End, the Venus dark fibre network covers all of central London and the City. High speed fibre optic Internet is the core service provided by Venus, who are able to deliver internet connectivity at speeds up to 10 Gigabit per second with no restriction on data usage.

The Task

Venus's web site was starting to look a little dated, and as a leader in its market it was therefore important that it had a website that showed that it was up to the minute in web technology. The site needed to work on all devices, including a wide range of smartphones and tablets. In addition, the SEO and every link of the existing site had to be preserved.

The Approach

We created a responsive web design based on the latest Bootstrap technology, using it's Cadenza CMS. On the original website pages were quite short, and more cross linking was required. We combined multiple short pages into a modern long page style, and wrote a bespoke 'plugin' to preserve all the links to the information in the new pages.

The Result

The directors of Venus were delighted with the new website, and business continues to go from strength to strength.


Moving Forward

To this day we continue to work with Venus, hosting their website with our web hosting services.

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