We need an affordable and flexible CMS website that can integrate with our organisation’s current IT systems

Artonezero provide bespoke CMS websites and straight-forward CMS integration that keeps you in control of your website content and future web developments.

Content now forms the core of your organisation’s website and the creation of new and informative content is crucial to great user engagement and successful SEO strategy.

Using a CMS (Content Management System) will make updating your website content simple, but to get the best results, it is essential that your CMS system is tailor made to fit your organisation and content strategy perfectly.

At Artonezero our web developers will code your website using Joomla or our exclusive in-house CMS; Cadenza.

Our custom CMS website solutions allow you and your staff to effortlessly update your website as required and with our plug-in software extensions for almost every application you can ensure that your new CMS is both equipped to integrate with your current IT systems and to keep upgrading with the rapidly developing world of digital technology.

We also offer ongoing 24/7 technical support, which means that you will always have access to our technical expertise to help you continue making the most out of your CMS system.

Introducing Cadenza: The affordable CMS system that puts you in control

Cadenza is our exclusive in-house built CMS system which we use to build your custom website solution.

Cadenza is not tied to any licence fees, therefore you can be assured that your organisation’s budget is invested on an affordable yet fully flexible website CMS system.

Cadenza is built on industry standard open source technologies. This means that your organisation can keep ahead with the rapidly changing possibilities of the digital world as well as completely integrating with your current in-house IT systems, website and apps using its own framework technologies.

Cadenza reduces costs and eliminates expensive ongoing licensing fees, keeping your CMS website always affordable and always in your control.

Joomla CMS Websites

In addition to Cadenza, at Artonezero we can also develop your website using the Joomla CMS.

We have been building, maintaining and hosting Joomla websites since 2006. Our Joomla technical expertise has led us to be recognised as one of the leading commercial Joomla website development agencies in the UK, in fact we wrote the first Joomla expert user-guide: 'Learn Joomla: A Beginners Guide'.

Whether you want an expert digital agency to take over the support and maintenance of your Joomla CMS website, or implement the Joomla CMS in your existing website, Artonezero will provide what you are looking for.

Our services include;

  • Solving security problems - if you believe your Joomla website has been hacked we can clean it up, secure it against future attacks and get it back online

  • Upgrading older Joomla software to the latest version

  • Ecommerce and online shopping

  • CRM integration

  • Custom Joomla component development

  • Joomla SEO, Blogs and social media marketing

  • Joomla Inbound Marketing campaigns

  • Business class Joomla hosting

  • Responsive Joomla template development for optimal use on tablets and smartphones

  • Mobile app integration

  • Joomla training - we can train your in house staff to use the Joomla CMS

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